We back you up with automated meeting minutes in every conversation. deepTalk saves you time in board meetings, team management, and customer support.

Focus on the conversation, we'll do the rest automatically.

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Upgrade your team with automated minutes of meeting from deepTalk for better collaboration and ultimate productivity.
deepTalk automatically creates smart meeting minutes for Google Meet. Get automatically created meeting notes in Google Hangouts. Work smart with automatically created action items in Google Duo. deepTalk is the best meeting minutes solution for zoom meetings. Get live transcription for Zoom Basic or Zoom pro version in real-time with deepTalk. deepTalk's productive meeting minutes will make every zoom conversation actionable. Microsoft Teams gets deepTalk's smart assistant in team collaboration. Live meeting transcript for Microsoft Teams with deepTalk extracts smart action items and converts them into tasks. BlueJeans video conference is much more productive with deepTalk's smart meeting minutes. Get automatically created meeting notes for BlueJeans remote meetings with deepTalk. Complete productive work on Slack with deepTalk. Capture voice conversations on Slack automatically. Use depTalk's automatically created meeting notes inside Slack's workflow. The complete and the best seamless meeting minutes automation for Webex from deepTalk. deepTalk is a smart meeting assistant for Cisco Webex remote conversations. Get automatically and hassle-free action items for Webex.

Get meeting minutes on any type of conversation

Capture remote, hybrid or in-person meetings with deepTalk and enjoy instant meeting transcription. deepTalk makes sure to capture all relevant information so all attendees can focus on the conversation. Use deepTalk even when meeting is live streamed on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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deepTalk captures important insights automatically from your conversation. deepTalk provides the ultimate solution for the collaboration between your customers and teammates.
deepTalk captures important insights automatically from your conversation. deepTalk provides the ultimate solution for the collaboration between your customers and teammates.

Get actionable summary automatically

During the conversation, deepTalk is analyzing a free-form speech and extracts action items automatically. Action items are connected to the transcription of the meeting. Fast and convenient manual tagging is available as well.

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ZOOM video conferencing with Automated Meeting Notes

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deepTalk creates smart meeting notes automatically for zoom meetings with live transcibe.
deepTalk backs you up with automated meeting minutes fin any type of conversation so you can stay focused on the conversation. Create and innovate with deepTalk.


Leave the hassle to AI

Your time, your mind, and your experience is unique and precious! In order to succeed, you must focus on what matters.

That's why deepTalk created a smart solution for Automated Meeting Minutes, converting conversations into actions, empowering your skills, and saving hours of your time.

Why people choose deepTalk

A new way to have your remote conversation

Stay connected to your conversation. Get real-time action items extracted. Grab insights automatically on the fly. Enjoy a live transcript and skyrocket the productivity.

Smart remote collaboration with deepTalk

Stay nimble, stay savvy: use deepTalk with beloved video conferencing tools. Use deepTalk for Zoom meetings or use it with Slack. deepTalk works perfectly with Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, or any other remote collaboration tool.

deepTalk captures important insights automatically from your conversation. deepTalk provides the ultimate solution for the collaboration between your customers and teammates.
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We back you up in any type of conversation

You talk, you manage, you create, and deepTalk takes notes for you.

Back Up Your Conversations.

deepTalk is a smart meeting assistant for in-person meetings in your office and on the go. deepTalk backs you up with automatically created meeting minutes without any templates.

In-person meetings

Convenient and always in reach. Use your smartphone in the office or on the go with your customers. Straight from your pocket to perfectly organized and precisely-captured meeting notes. deepTalk will back you up with smart automated meeting summaries, wherever you are, to keep your knowledge available for you.

Use deepTalk in conference rooms with your prospects on remote or with your team in the project. deepTalk converts team meetings in a productive workflow.

Meeting rooms

The place where all important conversations happen. Just use your laptop or conference device. By keeping every attendee on the same page, with deepTalk, you can achieve the best engagement rates with meaningful action items in a short time.

deepTalk is your smart assistant for remote conversations. deepTalk creates meeting minutes automatically for any remote conversation with live transcription.


Use deepTalk with your customers, remote teams, or consultants. deepTalk works seamlessly in real-time with video conferencing tools like Zoom Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and more. deepTalk will increase your productivity by taking into account every conversation, deliberately and precisely picking the insights, keeping you focused on the meeting, no matter how distant you are from other attendees.

Manage remote conversations wisely in Zoom, Teams and GoogleMeet. Collaborate productively and share automated minutes of meeting with attendees.

Time to have real-time notes automatically

time to have deepTalk

How deepTalk works

Ultimate smart meeting assistant at your service

deepTalk carefully captures conversations and creates from them a knowledge base for the company.


Add deepTalk as a meeting attendee and you are ready to go. deepTalk will join your conversation as a smart AI-powered meeting assistant. Just push the record button on the app and deepTalk will capture every word carefully, creating supreme quality audio recording for future use. Import your audio recordings from the past or from other sources, and incorporate them into your current workflows.

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deepTalk transcribes your conversations on the fly. deepTalk will generate a transcript enriched with speaker identification and voice separation, allowing you to understand exactly who said what.

Get free live transcribe now.
Use precise transcript from deepTalk while you are on the conversation for the maximum productivity. Enjoy live transcription in video conferences or in team meetings.


Some may say this is magic, we call it SumMeeT algorithm.

The unique SumMeeT algorithm developed by deepTalk will extract and present the most important Action Items, Decisions, and key Insights during the meeting, saving precious time for you and other attendees.

deepTalk will extract essential Action Items, Decisions, and crucial Insights AUTOMATICALLY, append an audio recording, keynotes, attachments, and transcript and turn them into a comprehensive, collaborative meeting summary.

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The place where all your conversations live

From now on there is a platform for all your meetings and conversations. It's like having a remember-all-the-action-items and never-miss-the-follow-ups SUPERPOWER to better manage meetings, focus on the things that matter, and free up time for yourself.

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deepTalk is a perfect solution for a one-click collaboration with your team or customers. Collaborate every conversation to have productive and actionable meetings with customers and with teammates. Share accurate knowledge so everyone stays on the same page.

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