The Neuralink 2020 -everything you have to know

by Elon Musk, hosted Joe Rogan

Elon Musk Joe Rogan


Consciousness, experience, experiment, brain, memory, muscle, language, AI, inch in diameter, implant.

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It could fix almost anything that is wrong with the brain. It could restore limb functionality. Got interface into the motor cortex and implant a microcontroller to your muscle groups, you could then create a sort of a neural shunt that restores somebody who is a quadriplegic to full functionality. Device electrodes are inserted and they will find their way like tiny wires basic tiny wire. So through the one-inch diameter hole the device electrodes are inserted and then at the end you put the device in and that gets that replaces the little piece of a skull I was taken out. If you want to go with full AI symbiosis, you'll probably want to do something like, to cut the whole top of someone's head off and put a new top with a whole bunch of wires. Once you enjoy the dr. Manhattan lifestyle Once you become a god seems very very unlikely you're going to want to go back to being stupid again. You literally could fundamentally change the way human beings interface with each other. There's going to come a time where you can read each other's minds and you'll be able to interface with each other in some sort of a nonverbal non-physical way where you will transfer data back and forth to each other without having to actually use your mouth. It's very difficult to convey a complex concept with precision because you've got compression-decompression, so communication is difficult. Let's say you've got some complex ideas that you're trying to convey. Your brain spends a lot of effort compressing complex concepts into words. There is information loss in compressing a complex concept into words. Then it decompressed by who is listening and they will get a very incomplete understanding of what you're trying to convey. You could save State and restore that state into a biological being a few if you wanted to in the future. But there's no way you could remember a video right now as accurately as your phone or a camera, you know far in the future you could permit you could recall just like a movie clip including all the entire sensory experience emotions and play it back and edit it.

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