How to Succeed with a Startup

Sam Altman


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If you can build a product that is so good people spontaneously tell their friends about it, you have done 80% of the work that you need to be a really successful startup.

Usually, the CEO is someone at the startup has got to be the person that is going to recruit, sell the product talk to the press, raise money and this requires someone who can infect with enthusiasm the whole world about what the company is trying to do and someone who becomes the chief evangelist for the company.

Being relatively sure of that having courage of your convictions is a clear leader saying "we're going to do this" and that is why even in the face of a lot of doubt that seems to really correlate with success. And this comes back to having an ambitious Vision. The entire startup ecosystem is best set up to support companies that have a low chance of success but are huge if they work.

I'm not going to talk too much about the team. You need smart people who want to work really hard and who communicate well these are all really true.

All successful founders go through a transition where you switch from building a product to building a company and building a company really is about the team.There are a handful of people in any company that has gone on to be really successful. Who are just really good at coming up with lots of ideas.

There are a handful of people in any company that has gone on to be really successful. Who are just really good at coming up with lots of ideas.

A lot of things go wrong the situations that startups win intend to be incredibly dynamic. The idea that even if I'm not qualified on paper, even if I haven't solved this problem before, even if this problem feels like it's going to kill the company which many problems will feel that way this Spirit among the team of you know, what we've got the people we need we are going to figure this out, we're going to get this done.

I want to talk about why startups get to beat big companies.

As you evaluate start-up ideas, you might do it's worth thinking about if you fit into these because it's really hard for startups to beat big companies most of the time.

So I think one difference is if you are a product manager at a big company and you want to do something that sounds like a bad idea but it is a good idea. Look for theese ideas.

So look for ideas that sound bad, but are good and where you are much more likely to get one Yes, then someone in a big company is to get all yeses.

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