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Recently I came across one of my favorites podcasts channels The Rainmakers hosted by Adir Zimerman where I spotted an intriguing subject. This time the podcast was talking about Enterprise Sales for Startups where he hosted Avi Wiesenberg, VP International Sales at SimilarWeb (2017). And although the podcast is not the fresh one (2018) I think there is still a lot of deep thoughts about the sales process and strategic thinking worth revealing.

Since I’m working at deepTalk, we ran the podcast through our algorithms in order to see whether we can get a concise version of it, with most prominent information in textual representation that can be read in less 3 min and still one can understand what the talk was about. Shall we begin?

My job and I think any sales guys' job is to be a bridge. You’re selling on both sides. You have to sell internally to your company and you have to sell externally to the customer and you have to be a good middleman. Product people think that this product that they’ve built is so good that it sells itself and they don’t really need salespeople. The sales guy has to make sure that they take a step back to understand the value from the customer standpoint. Make sure that the founders and the early employees understand that you’re moving from discovery to closing deals. Discovering deals and closing deals are two very different skill sets. Making sure that the company moves to close deals not just discovering deals and being able to understand the value to the end customer as well. Your first sales guy in the start-up has to be agile enough to smell out what the right price, to feel if you’re too high or too low to understand what the customer really needs and make sure that the company can actually deliver on that as well. Enterprise sales or solution sales or high-end sales are number one, very well-paying, and well-respected industry, and number two has a fair bit of complexity and intelligence needed for it. An enterprise sales can exist and enterprise sales cycle and enterprise sales methodology can exist even when you’re selling to a mid-market or small or smaller company. Ultimately for you to know that you’re ready for an enterprise sale is that you have enterprise companies who are interested & ready at the point of maturity that they want to develop through the sale cycle with you. You can go out there and run a sales process with enterprise salespeople from day one even as a small company when you have a deep deployed product with a clear product-market fit. You can do enterprise deals from day one, as long as you don’t necessarily present yourself as a tiny startup that is just trying out this deal and isn’t sure about yourselves. The sales is a function that you need to build and is just as important as your R&D and just as important as your marketing and your product and everything else that you’re building within your company.

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So what do you think? I encourage you to listen to this podcast following the link or following deepTalk Talks where you will find the topics to this podcast automatically extracted along with the transcription. In my opinion, it’s a pretty good summarization of ~47 min long conversation, which you can read in under 3 min before getting into your car to work or while you have your morning espresso. Share with me your thoughts on it. See you soon with more great speeches that will be automatically summarized in meeting notes by deepTalk.

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