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How can meetings transition to an online format?

Tired of boring meetings and long hours staring at a zoom screen? The tedious nature of remote conversations have taken a toll on everyone during the pandemic. It seems that no matter the topic, staring at a screen is inevitably tiring. Worry no longer, these pointers will give you great tips to make your next meeting an engaging success. Whether in the office or working remote, productivity is essential for business success. While in the traditional office setting employers can go up to employees and check in on them to ensure they are being productive, this is a bit harder to do online. Normal strategies such as eye contact, back and forth conversations and hand gestures which work in person must be altered to fit the online format. Because casual walk bys are not possible on zoom, employers implementing clear goals with deadlines can verify that employees are on track while also providing them freedom and trust which are proven to increase performance. By limiting Zoom meetings to just when essential information needs to be shared, employers can reduce zoom fatigue among their staff (Forbes). From personal experience, sitting at a computer all day makes me antsy. When people are on zoom less, they will be more productive and have clearer goals. To do this, when a meeting can be sent in the form of a powerpoint slide, it is essential that employers take advantage of that so that relevant information will be actively listened to at meetings. Having a clear agenda at the beginning of each meeting and ensuring that employees feel as though their voices are heard will also lead to productive meetings.

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Which Techniques can increase productivity?

By using project management techniques, such as implementing realistic goals, caring about your employees’ time, and ensuring the at-home and in-person work spaces are pleasant, it is more likely that goals will be completed diligently. Based on the expectancy theory, if people are given a task that seems too vast, they will be very unmotivated to work hard as they will feel as though their work will not lead to an outcome of a completed job (Managing People Globally, 2011). Therefore, when employers are managing assignments, they should divide the tasks among their staff so that each member has a job they feel comfortable completing and will master. If someone was told to manage all of the finances of a chain restaurant, they would feel defeated as they would be unable to do the work. Instead, finance managers could be assigned at each location and the smaller tasks they would be assigned would be less daunting and easier to complete. Using visual aids to track progress will also help. It is important to have clear steps and goals prior to the project and to have ample communication to establish that this is a success. By portraying these intentions at meetings, employees will have a clear path to success.

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How Transcription Services can Help Meetings

Limiting the number of meetings and setting clear goals for employees will increase productivity. But, how can we make meetings more successful while they are in session? Typically at important corporate decision meetings or board meetings, a company must hire a skilled transcriber who writes down every word as well as time stamping the recording to ensure that the audios match up to the visuals in real time. Transcribers are able to do this by using a foot pedal to pause and play the recording when topics or slides change. Transcripts eliminate distracting noises which distract from the key points of the presentation when others are trying to use it. The traditional transcribing services typically entail a person typing every word to secure that the spoken words become text. These expenses can add up, most transcribers cost between $1 and $4 USD per minute, with $4 being at the higher end typically used for rushed requests or audios that are difficult to understand. While these amounts may not seem like much, they quickly add up. General managers “ spend an average of nearly 23 hours a week” in meetings (Harvard Business Review). In the past 50 years, meeting lengths have drastically increased, and it is proven that shorter meetings would be more beneficial for companies. Before meetings become more efficient, these expenses will add up. Assuming the consumer is offered an hourly rate for this many meetings which will be around $30, the bill can reach 3,450 a week and based on the average 262 work days a year, nearly $200,000 in transcription services a year. This is no joke, if people are having multiple meetings a week for multiple hours, they will be paying transcribers a lot of money. Therefore I can’t help but wonder, what if there was an easier, faster and cost-effective way to do this?

How AI assistant can improve meetings

AI assistant stands for artificial intelligence assistant which can understand what humans are saying and do different tasks with that information. AI assistants are primarily using some kind of keywords and even some commands. We all know about Siri's capabilities to set an alarm or Amazon Alexa to turn the radio on. These technological advancements continue to progress and it is hard to imagine a future without them. These solutions are great for our personal life, but what about our time at work? Overall, with the business world growing, ensuring that meetings are efficient is essential. Transcripts are important but more than that it is essential to track the outcomes of the meeting that leverages productivity and saves time, which is why we always tend to have an extract or summary of the meeting, instead of long transcripts. DeepTalk makes sure that your meetings will be properly captured, analyzed, and summarized in addition to accurate real-time transcription. Rather than using a source which takes a longer time and may not always be available, this technology will always be with you ensuring meetings run more smoothly. DeepTalk combines all of these business essentials into one, smooth platform.

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