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Zoom came into our lives more than six months ago, when Covid-19 landed on us unexpectedly, leaving other video conferencing applications behind. This worldwide pandemic forced us to learn how to make the best of working from home, without any preparation or planning. And Zoom was there, just in time to provide us a solution for remote meetings, classes, and social gatherings. Beyond being a great video conferencing tool with lots of options for making meetings more productive, Zoom has some really cool features that not everyone knows, and it can make your work meetings fun and exciting. Let's dive right in!

Background Features on Zoom

Zoom- Virtual background configuration

We're all familiar with the option of changing your camera background on a Zoom conversation. Some of us use the default backgrounds suggested by the application (space, grass, etc.), and the more creative ones upload a picture from our device - a funny meme or the landscape from our last vacation from days gone by... But did you know that you can make it even more fun and creative? You can actually use video backgrounds for your Zoom meeting! I personally love using Canva's virtual backgrounds; they have both picture and video backgrounds, and it's modern and cute. You can also create your own video if you want to use something nice and original. How to change the background on Zoom? Sign in to Zoom and click on Settings, then go to Virtual Background tab where you can choose one of the existing options or click on the + button and upload your own image or video. Notice that your computer must meet the system requirements for virtual background, as some devices will not support video background.

Filter Features on Zoom

Filters for your video conference for fun conversation

Something even cooler than changing your background is changing your appearance! Coming to work meetings every morning with a different face is gonna make your colleagues thrilled, and they will wait for you to show up to those boring video conferences with exciting new filters. You can grow a mustache one day or become a fish the next - everything is possible on Zoom! How to use filters on Zoom? Even if you're familiar with Snapchat's phone app, you may not have known that it also has a computer application - Snap Camera; You can download it here. You will immediately see that there are many types of filters there - funny, cute, and even 2020 US election. Keep the app open as you sign in to Zoom and click on Settings again. Then go to Video tab and in Camera choose Snap Camera. That's it - now you can use any filter you want to make your coworkers go crazy.

Bonus: If your company thinks that using filters is inappropriate, but you woke up one morning looking like hell and you really need something to cover your face, Zoom lets you touch up your appearance. Go to Settings and then Video again, and check Touch up my appearance box under My Video. That will conceal your wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes, so you can show your face without worrying.

Brainstorming on a Whiteboard

Brainstorming remote meetings on zoom can be fun

You know the feeling when you're having a team meeting and everyone's speaking at the same time? You can't express your ideas, and everyone's shouting and wants to be heard... the frustration! Now you can make order in this chaos, with Zoom's option to collaborate on a whiteboard. Every participant will be able to write whatever is on his mind, and you will all can talk about your ideas in a civilized way after. How you can do that? Just click on Share Screen and choose Whiteboard. When it opens, click on Options on the top of the screen, and press Annotate. There you can choose who you want to give access to write on your whiteboard. You can pick different colors and use stamps and shapes. So fun!

Automated Meeting Notes with Live Transcription on Zoom

Collaboration on remote meeting starts with automated meeting notes from deepTalk. The conversation is captured, transcribed, and analyzed for future collaboration. Conversations on Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts and many other videoconference tools are backed by deepTalk in real-time with live transcript and automatically created meeting minutes.

If you have ever been the host of a Zoom conversation, you may have noticed the Closed Caption feature. You or another participant can add real-time subtitles to the conversation, and you will have a good and nice transcription at the end of the meeting. You can use closed captions for other purposes as well, like asking a question you want everyone to pay attention to, or to announce the change of a discussed topic.

Get Smart Meeting Assistant

However, I think that live typing is a really serious inconvenience - how can you focus on a work meeting while typing everything anyone says? And more than that - how can you make your conversation fun with this hassle on your shoulders?

That's why you need to use deepTalk, that provides you automated Zoom notes. deepTalk's AI-based smart meeting assistant securely captures Zoom conversations and provides valuable minutes of the meeting with a live transcription. That's will free your time and your mind, so you can concentrate on the important stuff - listening to your colleagues and even make the conversation fun, without worrying! You can find more information about deepTalk for Zoom in this article. Now that you got the tools for making your Zoom conversations fun and social, you can "go" to work with a smile on your face. Or a filter, whatever :)

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