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Companies today work on many projects they have to deal with simultaneously, and naturally, a lot of problems occur along the way. The common method that these problems and challenges are handled with is hiring a project manager or using workflow management software. Some of these issues are successfully avoided by these solutions, but there are also many serious problems that can't be fixed by one person or software. Let's review the potential challenges of a daily workflow.

What is a Workflow and Its Possible Difficulties?

Workflow is a series of tasks grouped chronologically into processes, and the set of people or resources needed for those tasks, that are required to achieve a certain goal. Thus, a poor workflow can result from a flaw in the process, or in the people and resources. So, how can you improve your workflow by addressing each one of these factors in order to perfect your work process and products?

deepTalk helps managers to improve and automate the workflow process. deepTalk is analyzing and extracts insights automatically from every meeting and conversation and presents in your workflow. Use deepTalk for your internal meeting in the conference room or with your customers on Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, and more.

Pay Attention to the Process

The process of hiring a new employee, creating a new product, or taking care of a new customer should not be taken lightly. They are all full of delicate details, so one small mistake can screw up the whole thing. It is crucial to stick to a pre-planned strategy and try not to change anything during the process unless something unexpected happens. Project management is the solution for most of the problems in the process, such as skipping important steps or determining inaccurate time estimates. You can start by making a traditional Gantt chart, or using a Pert diagram for more complex projects. If you are into advanced work automation, there are more project management software on the market that can help you make a plan and follow it, so you can just choose the one that suits you best.

Get Smart Meeting Assistant

deepTalk makes your team's work more productive by automating the note-taking process. deepTalk assist your team in every meeting and converts conversations into actions. deepTalk keeps your team focused on what matters to your project or company, by sharing the relevant information between different departments.

Pay Attention to the People

So you need to control your process and manage your time and tasks. It's all fun and games until now; we have come to the part that is much harder to control - the people. The second part of a workflow are the people or resources needed for a task, and we will focus on people - because they are the ones in charge of the process. As I said before, people are much more complicated to handle than a dry list of tasks that should be done. They sometimes make decisions that do not always align with what the company needs, and that is something that software can not predict. The main problem that can occur with people working together is miscommunication. According to IDC survey, 81% of business leaders claim that a lot of problems in their companies arise because they have different internal systems or applications that don't talk to each other. For example, development teams are not always in touch with after-buying service teams, even though service teams can provide the best information about what can be improved in a product, as they hear it firsthand.

deepTalk backs you up with smart meeting notes on Zoom conversations with your customers or with your teammates. Use deepTalk with Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and even on Slack video conversations and enjoy automatically extracted insights and action items. While your remote conversation on Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, Fuze, Slack, or even free version of Skype, deepTalk presents it's super precise and real-time transcription service.

Another problem that has been growing lately is the difficulty of remote collaboration. Thanks to Covid-19, remote work is becoming the new normal, as more and more companies decide to use Zoom or other applications to conduct meetings. This change might make it really hard to work as a team and make the best of every process. However, these two major issues can be solved easily. There are plenty of tools that can help you optimize your work despite all the difficulties that can occur. First of all, take a few steps to make remote work collaborative; Stay social, take control of your schedule, and keep in touch with your colleagues. Then, try connecting as many departments in your company as possible, as each can contribute to the other. You can use software like deepTalk, that provides you automated meeting minutes and insights from your meetings, and connect all the pieces into one strategy for work and process optimization.

Start Working Smoothly

Now that you got the tools for an uninterrupted workflow, you can start working on your next project. Remember that the most important things are the process and the people who carry it out. Good luck!

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