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Keeping your customers satisfied is a tough and important mission, especially these days when a minor mistake can go by word of mouth online and ruin your company's reputation. And beyond that, you as consumers yourselves will want your service and product providers to treat you like their best customers and never mislead you. It sounds like an easy task, but many marketers and sales professionals often forget (or don't know or care about) one of the most critical things of all; it's not all about expanding your customer base and making profits, as honest work and interpersonal relationships with clients are just as important. Happy customers will recommend your product or service to their friends, and just as a bad word can be spread like wildfire, a good word can do the same. So, how are you going to keep your customers satisfied? Here are a few simple tips.

Serving your customers nicely especially after they onboard strengthen your brand.

Stay Pleasant and Attentive, Especially After the Deal is Complete

Social selling is becoming the new best way for marketing; you can find prospects on social media and build a relationship with them on your way to lock down a deal. The problem is, most sales teams usually disconnect from their buyers the moment they sign on the papers, and they never hear from each other again. If a difficulty arouses, the clients must contact customer service, where they are handled by someone they have never spoken with before. Salespeople and marketing professionals must keep the relationship with customers going, even (and especially) after the transaction is complete, in order to keep their clients satisfied. Even customer relations teams can't do exactly what sales teams can, because just like customer service, they have never built a relationship with clients in the sales process. Salespeople should let customers feel like they are taking part in their success, and keep nurturing their relationships online. Even just a comment of "congrats" on a customer's new job post on Linkedin will do the job. Listen to their complaints and try to help even if you are not the one who can help them solve their particular problem. Give them directions and refer them to the ones who can, and they will praise you and your company everywhere.

The better your communication with customers the more you understand their needs and hence the greater customer satisfaction.

Communicate Well With Your Clients

Being nice and approachable is great, but it's not the only thing that will make your customers content. You must serve your clients with integrity all the way, from the moment they enter your website until they are old-time customers. Don't let anything be misunderstood or fall between the cracks, every detail is crucial. You may be the most honest person alive, and mistakes still happen, but most of them can be avoided with the right communication.

Get Smart Meeting Assistant

So, how to avoid miscommunication with customers? First of all - take a look at your website and social media. A Forrester survey found that 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. Therefore, the information you put on your website and social media pages are 74% of good communication! So please, don't promise things you can't keep and don't try to be something you are not - people will find out the truth eventually in the worst way. The next step is direct communication - the client's connection with salespeople. We will assume that your customer already knows everything about your product, and now wants to get a price or personal customization for their needs. This process can also be full of misunderstandings that can be prevented in different ways. For example, using an AI-based Smart Meeting Assistant that will summarize your meetings and provide insights automatically, which will help you and your customer get the most out of this process.

Better communication and collaboration with colleagues can cause better results in customer satisfaction.

Communicate Better With Your Colleagues

According to HubSpot's State of Inbound Report, 31% of marketers claim that one of the biggest challenges in their work is engaging multiple decision-makers at the company in the buying process. As most of us know, sales and marketing don't always see eye to eye regarding dealing with customers and leads. When marketing and sales work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention. I said it before and I will say it again - communication is crucial, with your clients and inside your company! So, how to avoid miscommunication at work? Zoominfo suggests 8 methods for better sales & marketing alignment, like coming up with shared definitions and goals by strategizing, defining, reporting, and evaluating them, or retargeting cold leads together by remarketing to them. My personal favorite recommendation is investing in technology that supports alignment. For instance, deepTalk can provide you automated meeting minutes with personalized notes, so all your departments could turn their conversations into actions.

Now that you got the best tools for keeping your customers satisfied, all you have to do is start using them, and I promise you - your clients are going to smile from ear to ear!

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