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As coronavirus rapidly spreads around the world, more companies are adopting either a fully remote work style or a hybrid one, where employees can choose 2 out of 5 days to work from home. This July, Facebook will start "aggressively opening up remote hiring," according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg's announcement in late March. Facebook, the Silicon Valley-headquartered company, will hire remote employees in response to COVID-19 lockdowns, and there is a good chance they will continue to work from home after the pandemic ends.

Productive Zoom Meetings Require Focus

Naturally, working from home has its advantages, like a flexible schedule or spending less time in traffic, but certainly, there are drawbacks as well. Research showed that remote workers have two unique struggles that remain at the top concern of all drawbacks: difficulty with collaboration and communication. Video conferencing tools like Zoom help us stay connected, to discuss issues, close deals, provide consultancy, and many more. But having back-to-back conversations, at least two Zoom meetings in a row, even with the small number of attendees, is draining.

There is a new concept named "Zoom fatigue" that is mentioned more frequently on social media. The reason you feel so tired even after one hour of a Zoom conversation is that you have to be more focused and you are struggling with a lot of temptation that disturbs you. No need to mention that you have to keep focus all the time in every Zoom meeting in order to stay productive. Add to this the need to remember the discussion, which translates to note taking, and voila, you are totally beat, and this is not even the end of your workday.

Start deepTalk with Zoom

Automated Zoom Meeting Notes with Live Transcription From deepTalk

deepTalk's Automated Zoom Notes securely captures Zoom conversations and provides valuable minutes of the meeting with a live transcription. Whether you are a host or an attendee, deepTalk makes you more productive on Zoom meetings with automatically created action items, recorded conversations, and accurate live transcriptions. Collaborate with your teammates in real-time using deepTalk, while you are brainstorming during a Zoom call. deepTalk automatically creates live meeting notes from your voice. A smart meeting assistant from deepTalk understands free form speech and does not require special trigger words to recognize important action items automatically.

deepTalk is a web application that works perfectly with the Zoom desktop application as well as with the Zoom web application.

Share with attendees

Open deepTalk in a new tab on Google Chrome, side by side with the Zoom app. Click on the record button in the deepTalk web app and start your Zoom conversation. Once the Zoom meeting starts, you will enjoy live transcription from deepTalk on the right side of the web app. Next, add attendees and change the title of this conversation. deepTalk's Automated Minutes of the Meeting provides an option for collaboration and sharing with attendees in the Pro Team plan by adding them as attendees of this conversation.

Live Meeting Notes For Any Zoom Plan With deepTalk

deepTalk works seamlessly with Zoom Free plan as well as with payable plans like Zoom Pro, Zoom Business, or Zoom Enterprise.


deepTalk supports Zoom Webinars for hosts and for attendees. As an attendee on Zoom Webinar, you can record, transcribe, and enjoy automated action item extraction made by deepTalk. Add important insights that haven't been discussed with editing options. If you have remote conversations on different video conferencing tools, deepTalk supports many other video conferencing tools, including, but not limited to, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. Learn more about supported video conferencing tools here.

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