Frequently Asked Questions

Which conference platforms does deepTalk support?

deepTalk works with a wide variety of web conference tools, including but not limited to: Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Webex from Cisco, Skype, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Slack(video), Whereby, AWS Chime, AnyMeeting, ClickMeeting, Livestorm, Adobe connect, WhatApp, BigBlueButton, Jitsi, CyberLink U Meeting, Lifesize...

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Do I need to configure each conference platform to work with deepTalk?

The short answer is NO.

We have built deepTalk to be as agile as possible so our users would not encounter hassles each time they use a different platform. We know how complicated integrations can be and most of the time they are not perfect. Given that the majority of us use at least three different platforms for remote conversations, we made the transition from platform to platform simple.

How safe is my data?

We treat data privacy and security very seriously.

We never sell or share our customers’ data to third parties.

While using deepTalk, your data is sent over an end-to-end encrypted channel and stored in a highly secured Cloud.

deepTalk was designed with data privacy as its top priority, hence for special cases, there is an OBFUSCATED MODE that provides live automatic summarization of the conversation, without storing the recording and/or transcript themselves.

Why should I choose deepTalk as my conversation assistant?

deepTalk is designed to help you manage your conversations better, saving you time and organizing your verbal knowledge in one place. That's why deepTalk provides automated meeting notes.

Currently, deepTalk creates action items automatically by analyzing your conversations. Shortly, decisions and key insights will also be detected automatically, and a concise version of your conversation will be made available.

Why would I need an automated summary? Why is a transcript not enough?

A one-hour conversation results in about 40 pages of transcript. Reading that transcript and finding important information among the text would be especially time-consuming. deepTalk is saving you time by organizing the most crucial information in a convenient and concise form.

Do I have a transcript in deepTalk?

Yes. deepTalk provides you with a real-time transcript for in-person and online conversations.

Can I use headphones and headsets with deepTalk?

Sure you can. deepTalk provides you with outstanding quality with your beloved headset. You can use your headphones, headsets, Bluetooth earbuds, or any other Bluetooth device you wish. You need to configure it just once and you are set.

Why do I need an extra set-up to use my headphones with deepTalk?

When using headphones or a headset, the sound card on your computer transfers audio data directly to your headphones. deepTalk is a web application running on your browser, which means deepTalk can capture sounds from your microphone (i.e. your voice), but it cannot hear other attendees at the remote conference. In order to provide deepTalk an audio stream from any video or audio conversation, we have to configure audio options on your computer so that deepTalk could hear what you are hearing. Think of it as providing virtual headphones to your virtual smart meeting assistant.

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